Peckham Dining Club

I’ve currently working on a collaboration with my friend, the very marvellous Jassy Davis who writes brilliantly on all things foodie over at Gin and Crumpets.

I’ve been interested in food and documenting our diet for a while. It works for me because the act of painting food is pretty delightful, tricky yes but also satisfying and because it captures something about this place and this time. As part of her work Jassy expertly reviews food and drink for around this city and so working with her seemed a great framework for a project. She takes and creates many wonderful images, often shared by instagram but they can be transient and so we decided to take those images and reform them in oils, play about with the scale a bit and generally make a bit of a fuss of them.

The intention is to form an eating and drinking guide to Peckham which is stones throw away from me as type (and I have a very weak throw) and an area going through immense change. Using Jassy’s reviews and my images and culminating in an exhibition.

Well that’s how I describe it – Jassy writes much more interestingly about the project here.

And here are some of the first completed images.