Interesting idea

Uncategorized September 27, 2011

A while ago an idea for a painting was suggested to me. It was a little area near the Elephant and Castle where there are some interesting enclosed courtyards. The type often used by small businesses, photographers, designers etc. In this case the spot was special because it was also the place where some friends, about to be married had met.

I was vaguely aware of the area and I wanted an excuse to walk around and see what is happening in general since it is going through such a transformation at the moment.

So I went.

I spotted a courtyard in the back streets and loved the contrast between the older buildings and the new regeneration peeking through. And then, pleasingly I realised it was in fact the place I was looking for.

Here is the painting I subsequently made.

I had a walk around the wider area, looking at all the new buildings going up and also at the Heygate which is so striking and desolate now. I had quite a few ideas for new work out of all the contrasts and change. So all in all a interesting afternoon.